Kiran Mehta

Name: Kiran Mehta

Instrument: Bass

Locations: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Influences: The Stooges, MC5, Deep Purple, Kiss, Motorhead, Free, High on Fire, Bad Brains, Kyuss, lots of metal, hard core, blues and country...too many to list.

Equipment: Rickenbacker 4001 custom, Gibson EB-O short scale, Traynor TS-120-B, Ampeg SVT- 2x8x10

Bands before Kill of Rights: Jack Boot and the Oppressors, Rock Pappy Syzwynn, Lujuria, K.A.M Shaft, The Bleeding Ulcers.

Personal Life: Owner and operator of Kiran's Catered Creations. Writing, filming and producing cooking shows for an online tech support service-get some bitches..Kiran's Catered Creations.

Favorite Bands: Amplified Heat, Stone Axe, High on Fire, Kiss, MC5, Kyuss, Band of Gypsys, The Rolling Stones, Free, Traffic, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Stooges, Alice Donut, Blue Cheer, Jesus Lizard, The Cramps, The Clash, Bad Brains, D.B.C., Slayer, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, Butthole Surfers, Duke Ellington, Ry Cooder, Peter Tosh, John Lee Hooker...too many to list.

Host of the legendary radio show Beyond That Graveyard lll on 1690am Montreal every Friday night from 9pm-midnight est.1990.
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