Marc Prévost

Name: Marc Prévost

Instrument: Drums, Guitar, Bass, & Piano

Locations: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Influences: All kinds of stuff but mainly Rock, Punk, & Metal stuff

Equipment: The list goes on and on ... I have a Pearl Master Drum and 6 guitars etc....

Bands before Kill of Rights: TOP JOHNNY!, Seven, Insight Out, Glaz, FMR.....

Personal Life: I play music whenever chance I get if not i like to go to friends places and make dinner for them and enjoying a nice evening or I could stay home and watch tv or be on my computer chatting on Facecrap hahaha...

Favorite Bands: Of all time for me will always be The Police, and over the years i have discovered so many great songs and so many great bands that i cant name them all .. it wouldn't be fair for the all the left unnamed :)

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