In 2009 I, Eddie Shahini the guitarist of DBC (Dead Brain Cells), decided to try to start another band. DBC was playing shows every 2 years for fun, it wasn't enough. I had a bunch of songs that I wrote after DBC that I always wanted to record and release. I called an old DBC fan who I knew played drums, Jean Sebastien (JS) Proulx. I told him about the project, he was hesitant in joining, then finally agreed, the band had started. We ended up jamming at the end of the year and felt we had something. He introduced me to his friend Antoine Locas, a guitarist he used to play with and thought would fit us perfectly musically. We auditioned some bass players and Zeus Nicos got the job. Due to schedule problems Zeus had to leave the band. I thought of an old friend who I knew played bass, Kiran Mehta from Jackboot and the Oppressors, who agreed to join. The singer position was opened, I thought of another old friend from back in the day who I saw perform recently at a reunion show, Jacques Dupuis from Countdown Zero. I made him the offer to join, he accepted, we were complete.

Kill of Rights 2009
Jacques, Kiran, JS, Eddie & Antoine


We went through a great period of getting the songs together, unfortunately Antoine had to leave the band. Instead of having auditions for guitarists, I thought of an old friend who I tried starting a band with after DBC, Bill Thompson the guitarist of Mister Monster, I offered him the spot, he accepted, a fine choice and fit for the band.

Kill of Rights 2010: Kiran, JS, Eddie, Jacques, Bill


Then the final line up change came with JS leaving due to scheduling problems, we spoke to a few drummers, eventually ending up with a drummer audition and Marc Prevost from Top Johnny getting the job.

Kill of Rights 2011: Kiran, Jacques, Eddie, Marc, Bill

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