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Explaining about Military World Games

The Military World Games are specifically organised for military sportspeople, and are convened by the International Military Sports Council. Their structure is similar to the Olympic Games, in that several sports and nations are represented, and the events are held every 4 years. Like the Olympics, the Military Games also introduced a Winter Edition which was first held in 2010, in the Aosta Valley of Italy. The first Summer Games were held in Rome in 1995.

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Let’s Have a Look at 4 of the Biggest Underdog Wins in Sports History

The story of David and Goliath is probably the biggest underdog upset in the Bible. In modern sports history, however, underdog wins are still rare enough to be considered something of a miracle. Mathematical experts will tell you that according to bookmakers’ odds, punters undervalue the small returns they can make on betting the favourite and overvalue the big returns offered on long-shot bets, even though the former are much more likely to deliver a win.

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